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Parent gym
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Parent Gym:
- is a six-week parenting programme
- covers a range of core issues (managing behaviour, supporting children's learning, resolving family conflict, healthy lifestyles etc)
- helps parents develop the skills and confidence needed to tackle the daily challenges of raising children and family life
- is delivered to parents through schools and children's centres in the state sector.


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Programme Design

Parent Gym’s approach to training is rooted in Kolb’s Experiential Learning Model. We believe that we learn best by doing, rather than merely watching or reading about theory. This is why Parent Gym is such an interactive learning experience. Exercises help participants to experience first-hand the positive and negative impacts of their behaviour with their children. For example, we contrast the impact of not being listened to with the effect of someone using active listening skills. Parents are encouraged to ask questions and discuss the impact of the approach they are using and most importantly, perhaps, they are asked to try out the ideas at home. This translation of knowledge into action is an essential element of learning transfer. This makes the final link, which increases the chances of learning being retained.

In addition, Parent Gym has a strong focus on quality monitoring across all the individual programmes which run. This means we can be confident that the key ingredients of our programme are replicated consistently and to a high quality. Our strategies to ensure this include monitoring parent feedback, regular observation and ongoing training and development for our coaches.

For local authorities

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