Love and Harmony

      Uncertainty and disruption to our normal family lives can bring tension, frustrations and anxiety. Explore this topic to discover, through a series of interactive exercises and stories, how parents can nurture family relationships at home by showing love, managing conflict, working through worries, and giving themselves a little time, in order to maintain balance for all the family.

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      • Worry watch

        Helping our children to communicate and navigate their worries helps them feel supported and secure.

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        Taking care of number 1

        Making sure that we take time to look after ourselves will help us to keep calm and look after our children better.

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      • Ways to show love

        Showing our children that we love them is more important than ever when tensions are running high and there are feelings of insecurity.

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        Managing conflict

        Understanding the reasons for disputes can help us to make sure that family disagreements don’t spiral out of control.

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