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Our Parent Gym Coaches are unique, creative, confident, warm and full of infectious energy. They care about the parents in their care and their children so much that they are willing to give them their time and attention for free. We are rigorous in the selection, training and assessment of our Parent Gym Coaches because we are fanatical about quality.

If you are a member of staff at a school or children's centre then please click here to read about our in-house training offer.

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Would volunteering as a coach with Parent Gym suit your delivery style? Here's a short questionnaire to help you decide.

Before you start, a few quick points:

  • This is entirely for you - no-one at Parent Gym will see your results.
  • It is only a quiz - the results may help but don't take them as definitive.
  • This is about cultural fit and is in no way an assessment of your abilities.